Tuesday 17 October 2017

New feature - Excluded leagues

It is available from Android version 3.0.0 of Bet Data
In a few weeks this feature will be available also on iOS.

We refer to this feature as "Excluded leagues".

On Section "Leagues" there is a switch next to each available league.
When it is green the specific league is active on all the sections of the App.
When it is red the specific league is one of the excluded leagues.

You can see all your excluded leagues on the tab with the red icon.

When you want to exclude a league you just change the switch to the left (red).
If you want to restore a league you just change the switch to the right (green).

The excluded leagues will not appear on "Active" leagues tab and their matches will not be visible on sections "Matches" and "Results". Live Score is part of those sections so you will never see matches of excluded leagues on Live Scores.

Exclude the leagues that you never use. You will have better performance and less data traffic.

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